On DAB I have “Heart Radio – M”, When a song is playing I have the following scrolling text on FM “Now on Heart: Bruno Mars with When I Was Your Man …”. Hi there, USB device will therefore be turned off” At least I am lucky enough to be in the position where I haven’t paid anything for the car and now know not to bother spending money on a Toyota in the future. If yes, how ? The latest version is 2104 V3 4.4.1. which was only very recenlty launched so you do have the latest system in your car. The current system is unusable, and looking at Mr DAVIDGE’s post and others, they are having to use alternative Sat Navs and media systems. Take on board the point you raise about the phones, from our perspective it would be good to include as many phones as possible in terms of compatibility. Have you double checked the phone compatibility from our list? I have just bought a verso with a Touch 2 Go system and when I plug in my Samsung S6 via the USB it manages to access the music 1 time out of 10. at about minute 30). How do you fix condensation inside a car? The system fitted to your Toyota Hilux is called Toyota Touch, you can upgrade to include satnav and this is called Toyota Touch & Go. We currently do not offer Touch 2 on the Toyota Avensis in the UK market and we would recommend that you contact the Toyota distributor in your country. Will it be avalable to update to touch 2 with go in a future? I’m confident that I entered the correct device identification code. Such as: shortest route, quickest route etc. I can’t find any aftermarket models that fit my needs, but the Touch 2 looks like it does. Registered in England with Number 02299961. The system will display emails and calendars depending on Bluetooth mobile phone compatibility. See also: 3. The Toyota Production System (TPS) is an integrated socio-technical system, developed by Toyota, that comprises its management philosophy and practices.The TPS is a management system that organizes manufacturing and logistics for the automobile manufacturer, including interaction with suppliers and customers. Hope this helps. Hi there, we can reassure you that your sat-nav has no information about speed cameras for France, and therefore complies with French driving laws. If you have a serious issue we advise contacting Toyota customer services. Thanks for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you have these concerns about Touch 2. This is a ‘deaf awareness’ issue I’m afraid. ie will it recognise a 64 GB or 128 GB. You can find your nearest Dealer here: http://po.st/8Q5QfO. I have no mention of estore or ones that I could possibly download. Thanks for your post. MyToyota: Introducing your personalised customer portal Thanks for the reply , I hope it actually goes to your tech team. They did make the point that the tank does need to get low and to be filled up for the range to change however it does sound like you are doing this. – Nokia 808. They suspect this is a phone compatibility issue because the 6310i has not been tested on the Touch 2 system. 2. I just bought a “Toyota Yaris Lounge” with “Touch and Go 2”. I only have touch without the go, but it would be nice to have the phonebook…. I would strongly advise anyone considering paying to upgrade to the inbuilt satnav to not waste their money and buy a tomtom instead, as we have now done. I registered Touch and Go (NOT T&G 1) soon after purchase and updated the software, but, aftre trying and failing to update the stanav, I’ve not plaid with the software since. It is not yet available for the Prius. It’s not on muy account options Hi In the mean time, please keep an eye on the My Toyota e-store for updates! Let us know how you get on. Hi, I just bought a Rav 4 2014, thought it had sat nav as I seen this on the main display unit. Many thanks. Then they told me that the only device that could connect via mirrorlink is the old samsung galaxy s3. Also a device id consists of 26 characters. Will it be compatible with newer phones ever? Post a picture on our Twitter or Facebook page :). So I installed a TAB S 8.4″ in front of the Toyota screen(display off), used an old android phone to display a Head up display, put in a OBD2 and now I have “hacked” my Yaris :-)…well I made it more exciting and “Ok google/Google voice” works perfect – people are more amazed with my own android install than my new car. Our technical team have been looking at intermittent scrolling of text but at this stage they are having to check whether it is the car or whether it is due the DAB signal being affected to the car. It would be enough to build some patches for Toyota Touch 2 in order to upgrade MirrorLink version from v1.0 to v.1.1, but Toyota doesn’t speed up with technological progress. But when I press button it confirms my Rav 4 icon don’t have sat nav installed. is there a fix for this ? The issue with the ‘play music by voice command’ feature is that if you are connecting an iPhone it will generally have a lot of music on it. From here you can stipulate whether you would like … Hope this helps! You are right that an idea of numbers and potential sales is key to developing new accessories but we will keep you posted if this does change or I receive further feedback from the team. They do take on board your concerns but at the moment this is the way the system operates and we are not aware of any updates to address this. Hi Stefan Hope this helps and let us know how you get on. Hi Pablo Contents Map update information 3 Can you assist. I have just bought a Toyota Yaris Sport (Sep 2014). This is really bad. However this figure may not be as precise as you need and with have no further detail. It implies that Toyota are working on support for the Mirrorlink V1.1 standard when time and time again we are being told that we cannot be trusted to use it safely so we cannot have it. And a tablet to STICK over the main screen. could not marketing see that more choice equals more delight. We are always trying to updated our systems to keep them as accurate as possible. I have a recently purchased a March 2013 UK spec Toyota Hilux Invincible 3.0 D4D DCB with rear reverse camera that does not have a Sat Nav system fitted. http://www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/my-toyota/bluetooth-compatibility.json. From here you can stipulate whether you would like the fastest, shortest or most ecological route. Hi James, that’s great to hear. It may also be worth checking the phone settings. Yes and no. Basically the advice in my last post was This is however an area that does need constant monitoring if we are to ensure we remain competitive in the market so the time you have take to provide us with your feedback is valued by us. take that off ! 1 hour long) in reasonable way, neither to move to a specific time (e.g. 2) Select the “Advanced” tab. I’ve tried both bluetooth and AUX. Hope this helps. Hi Terry, You can find their contact details via the following link: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Announcing the introduction of the LED Technology Pack. The music symbol for the “play more like this” function is “greyed-out”, so it has no response to a press. We really appreciate hearing from our customers! I am trying to download the estore app so I can download over the internet direct. Is there a way to let the me choose to enable the use of mirrorlink on the car also if it’s “distracting”? This would explain the ‘be patient’ notification you are getting. Hope this helps and any problems give us a shout. I have then removed the folder from the USB so it is just the 2 files on their own but still nothing happens. We would recommend double checking this with your network provider. We would need a vehicle chassis number to confirm completely. Pointless of a Business Edition + of a car. Finally found this forum where I can see the same problem was reported one year ago, and an update of mirrorlink was also promised. Hope this helps clarify but do let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your post. We can confirm this car will come with the Touch & Go Plus Navigation system fitted as standard. We have passed this by our technical team and it appears your software does require an update to version 4.2.2. If the version ends in an ‘L’, you have Touch2 with Go. Please let me have my 2006 version back which was without fault for the seven years I used it. Hi Donna We have passed your comments regarding the availability of a high quality satnav system to our product team for consideration for future product reviews. also speed camera warning doesn’t work. The telephone is recognised by the touch with go via Bluetooth and is listed on the display screen. I’ll check with the technical team. Appreciate you are responding here with limited knowledge of the system but you really need your tech team to respond or provide a update via the comments as passing the common on with no response or telling people to visit the dealership makes Toyota appear not to care and is damaging you brand with prospective buyers reading this. I really like the car, but the multimedia/nav is poor compared with others. It is not possible to upgrade from Touch & Go to Touch 2 as these are different systems. Sorry to hear you’re not happy. It is a shame for toyota that this error has not been solved to this day! Not able to use mirrorlink, All needed apps downloaded, but no success yet. Is this the latest, and is this I should have been supplied with? Finally, Ella, please don’t even bother advising us to get a response from dealer staff for guidance as above or telling me to ask for their help – every time I visit I’m more and more convinced that I know more than they do, so no point in asking for their help. Hope this helps. If you pop along to your local dealer they can provide more information and the part number you need is PZ473-T0210-A0. Hi Nozuka I notice a new issue everyday and i accept that i will have to purchase a SAT Nav, but even the multi media is bad, what do i do here though a separate Hi fi system in the boot of the car. Hi sorry, I was just reading this and I thought maybe someone could answer my query. – Map out your journey online and then sync it with Touch 2 via your mobile (Video: https://youtu.be/x6QwWc40waI) Hi David, We will keep you posted. I’m not sure which exact comments or complains do you have in mind, but MirrorLink issues aren’t solved. CONTROLS AND FEATURES 2. Are you using the latest version of the software? (samsung s6; s7; s8). PW Hope this helps clarify but let us know if you have any further questions. The GO satnav units internet functions (and Text !) Also many of us in the UK also tend to be using the more modern smart phones that welcome the more advanced Wi Fi connections that (touch2)and go Plus offer. They have mentioned that it is the phone software which drives the system but let us know more details and we will see what we can do. Let us know. Did you have an xperia working with the touch 2 using mirror link? I just visited the main Toyota Europe site and was very surprised at what can be had in the euro market. Miro. Sorry for your disappointment here and we do our utmost to make our in car systems compatible with as many different applications as possible, it is in our interest to do so. Sorry again for delay but have been discussing with out tech team. 1. But at least if I can alleviate some of your pain…. Ty. This smart music recognition system can automatically provide playlist recommendations to suit your mood; a safe and easy way to manage music on the move. How come the iphone6 can send texts from touch2 but the iphone6 can’t? We are sorry that our reply cannot be more positive. So if there is a problem your dealer will be able to sort this out for you under the warranty terms. According to them other people stream music from phones and don’t use USB sticks. It is sometimes difficult to diagnose the exact issue online and to save you from more trial and error this would be the best route. The system is a major precursor of the more generic "lean manufacturing". sometimes system would freeze up for no apparent reason , after a while it restarts itself and works properly . Google Street View etc? (That memory issue might also account for why, with the internet tethering linked up, my display now pauses when I’m on a roundabout so that I cannot rely on the Nav display showing me which exit I need on a large roundabout – glad I can navigate quite well personally). At the moment (as of yesterday) all of the stations are back but the text isn’t showing in full to say which song is on even though it was working a day or so ago. Finally, Ella, please don’t even bother advising us to get a response from dealer staff for guidance as above or telling me to ask for their help – every time I visit I’m more and more convinced that I know more than they do, so no point in asking for their help. My 2016 (old-shape) Prius PHEV had a faulty head unit when delivered, in that when ambient temperatures were around freezing or below the unit would not work at all in any way until the car had warmed through – when i eventually got it to ‘fail’ at the dealers it was changed under warranty – i’m pleased to say that the new unit does perform consistently but is still full of the poor design characteristics already reported above. We have access to the Toyota GB technical department and therefore try to provide the best answer we can without physically seeing systems and vehicles. I have an auris with touch and go and that works pretty well with the same phone and usb connection. I bought new auris and regretting it. I agree ! The reasons are that this could be a supplier part number as most extension boxes start with a PZ. Hi, I have a 2014 GT86 with Touch & Go fitted and very disappointed the radio is still only FM/AM in this day an age. The voice activation button will not work if only Touch 2 is fitted to your car. Thanks for your post and apologies for the issue you are experiencing. – Register an account with MyToyota here: http://po.st/a9O6BL (Video: https://youtu.be/G56q6vDZZZE) We will pass this to the technical team for further investigation. Thanks for your post and for pointing this out to us. I tried for android (Lenovo) and also for windows (Nokia Lumia) but no success . Hi, could you tell me the latest version for the Touch and Go 2 Plus. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I do have a 66 Yaris Icon Auto, which comes with the Touch 2 system. Hi Puneet I´m from Spain and I have a RAV4 120D with Touch 2 System without GO. Your website and brochures in the UK all show the Toyota Avensis Icon as having the Touch 2 & Go installed as standard. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions. We have spoken to our technical team and they are now looking into this for you. nav., voice instructions but when both are switched on one is always very much louder than the other? Hello, ihave also same issue, i have both Lg g3 and iphone 5s and want to share screen using mirrorlink. They simply do not have the required level of product knowledge to help, which is why I am doing this. To answer your other questions though, Mirrorlink does work both with Touch 2 and Touch 2 with Go. Many thanks. Any background noise is likely to spoil your input, and precise talking is the key (windows closed, radio off for this). I have a Corolla 2014. I also had a software update to do to the latest but I notice that it is no longer available on the portal store. 2. They will undertake some further testing. Hi Charlotte, You will have seen that we have introduced Toyota Touch 2 which will now replace Toyota Touch in all our models as this is an improved system. Your posts may not have been approved due to links being used within the blog- if they link out to other sites we are not able to publish them. Thanks for your post. I have checked. I have just got new aurus was trying to mirror link but it wont let me ? David still no response to my question on October 12 regarding DAB text scrolling any updates? Hi G Green Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks for your post. Please could you provide us with your phone make and model and we can look into this further for you. Thanks for your post. The Samsung S3 of a friend connects, but not the Xperia . I didn’t get the sat nav option on the Touch 2 system as the literature and the sales guy said the unit was MirrorLink compatible. When I want directions quickly I revert to my Tomtom Go 6000 which is older – but superior. Also, when you connect your phone to USB, most likely you’ll see black screen and will not be able to use it until it’s connected to car’s USB. Voice activation does work with Touch & Go Plus so if you have paid the extra premium for the Plus feature then it would be worth checking this with your local Toyota dealer. Here is really my problem I like all the advanced things on my(Toyota) car( that Toyota makes and sells think I am on my number 15 or 16th Toyota at the mo. Sometimes just plays the first 20 seconds after which usb is unusable untill a full power off which is impossible whilst driving Thanks in advance, It is very disappointing that Toyota firmware apparently has a flaw, which does not allow it to be paired with Xperia phone, which supports Mirrorlink technology. I plugged the phone through the standard USB cable. Choose Eco – chooses a route with the least stop start, least hills, least braking and as direct as possible – this normally will take you motorways and A-roads. Often it is just the first 2 letters of the song. Is there any news regarding supporting MirrorLink 1.1? Don’t show notifications at all: You won’t get any notifications on the lock screen. I have tried Touch and Go toolbox but that says there is no firmware update available. My touch and go was always useless though the car was great. Have you checked the Mirrorlink website for compatibility with your model of phone? I try add my vehicle with the same details as linked to my account and it refuses to let me do it saying the vehicle is already added !! Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions. I read this thread about Mirrorlink versions. Unfortunately we do not currently sell such an anti-glare accessory, although we will be sure to pass your comments on to the relevant product team for future consideration. Thank you for your post. Thanks for your post. Nokia 6310i, Regardless of any connection attempt I was unable to establish a telephone connection. The fuel tank range should update after you fill your car with fuel. Is it possible to browse my Iphones music library through bluetooth? For us to be more specific could you let us know what phones you are trying to use. We would advise waiting for a response from our team who are back in the office today and should get round to your query very soon. Hi John Thanks for your message. All the latest phones support it (Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 with Lollipop, HTC M8), but at the moment we can’t use them with the Touch 2 with Go, as it only supports MirrorLink 1.0. It works with old s3 but nit with s5 can you help me please thanks. I am confused about your reply Ella. Good to hear about the delivery of your new RAV4. Thanks for your post. Had the car for 7 months now and from Day 1 I’ve hated the WHOLE multimedia system. 2. The Toyota Map Update Release Notes helps you stay on track with the map updates of the Touch & Go and Touch 2 with Go navigation systems. Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 with the Drive Link app downloaded. I have now been using my Prius PHEV for 6 months (and covered 15,000 miles in that time all over the country). Let us know how you get on. It's equipped with 3 pieces of GPS navigation software: Yandex navigator, Navitel navigator and iGO Primo, that you can choose in the settings. In order to do so you will need to: After installing and starting Toyota Touch&Go Toolbox, you can start browsing the Maps & More page on the Toyota Touch&Go Download Services portal, where all available maps and 3D content is listed with detailed information about coverage and compatibility. I have a 2018 CHR with Touch 2 with Go Pro and and brand new phone Huawei P20 Pro which has mirror link capability, when I connect the USB cable I get a message “oops power consumption of your USB device is too high. There is no track information displayed when using ITunes on my phone snd steaming via bluetooth, Unknown Artist, Unknown Track etc etc. Hi Emre Hope this helps but let us know if you have any further questions. Any update about Mirrorlink? Thanks for your post. Do let us know how you get on. Good afternoon David, thank you for your message. 2. Xperia Z1C Android 4.4.4 1. We do pass on these comments and we will continue to do so. I have also had occasional problems with the sun reflecting onto the screen and into my eyes. Car manual is usual Toyota crap It sounds to me as if the system is too complicated for us laymen and doesn’t seem to suit many mobile phones. Proud owners of a new yaris hybrid here (2014). It actually directed us off a motorway, through a town and back onto the same motorway two junctions later!!!??? We will pass this feedback on to our technical team! It all depends on the route type selected: select Short – in a straight line, the shortest distance between two points (as much as possible) this often includes narrow roads. Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch. I’ve just bought a new Yaris Hybrid with Touch 2 with Go. Many thanks for your reply. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. Hi Jessi Although it is quiet poor and old on Android smartphones. It is slow to operate, counter-intuitive to use and very clumsy to programme. model, I’m gutted and 100% regret getting this vehicle and I’m stuck with it. dam tom tom is a great deal. To answer your question though, Touch 2 is Mirrorlink 1.0 only. I do have all the settings ticked including radio text. To make sure your phone is compatible with MirrorLink visit: https://cert.mirrorlink.com/ProductListing/. – I know its changed i changed it – Also there is a separate screen above heating controls. Even on top model its all about the extras. It’s been some time. Hope this helps but let us know if you have any other questions. To upgrade your unit (which will be our Touch & Go system) your local Toyota dealer will be able to help with a quote and can also help advise with a quick demonstration if you wanted to check this our beforehand. I’ve already been through this with the dealer on collection (and indeed Toyota Customer Services) – this simple “pinch and zoom” functionality does not exist nor does moving the map by “dragging” it – as you can on even the cheapest satnavs and smartphones. PS I tried typing everything with and widouth spaces, Softwere version is 0101AF is there any update for the touch2 device without the navigation of my auris 2016 ? Hi Luke. You will also be able to have your unit checked by your local Toyota centre to see if there is an issue with the port entry. Hi Geoff, It is a similar accessory that we provide on other Toyota models and it connects to the Toyota Touch system in the car and allows you to operate the DAB using the steering wheel controls. I have triied to connect the phone with the Drive Link app throug the standard USB cable But I cannot get any connection from the phone to the screen. Thanks Somebody has to help the learning process – I just wish I’d known before I ordered the car. Complaints aren’t taken seriously, and Toyota Customer have advised me they don’t believe this issue would make the vehicle of not satisfactory quality. Thanks for your post. the whole system is so slow, and whats the point of having twitter on the system !! Thank you for your suggestions. I can get the voice in other cars but not in the Yaris only the directions on screen. Please get in contact with them using one of the following methods: po.st/gIPYXD Thank you again. Let us know how you get on at your local dealer, and if there’s anything else we can do for you. The touch 1 system on my previous Yaris was perfectly capable of doing this! ‘That Woman’ inside the dashboard will make a coffee and eat her biscuits; then just as you are thinking ‘waste of time, that didn’t work’ she will eventually read back the address and ask for any clarifications, then start to find the address. Then tap Enter address. Alternatively, here is a link to a blog post explaining how to connect your phone to your Toyota Touch 2 system and how to check which of your phone’s functions are compatible: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-touch-2-how-to-pair-your-phone-for-calls-music-and-internet We would recommend that you pop by your local Toyota dealer who could check this for you about which version you have and whether a newer version is available. May 30, 2014 at 11:54 Hello, blocking the voice? Which smart phones are compatable with the touch2 system? how can i use my smart phone screen using touch 2 screen. We will pass this on to our team to make sure they hear your feedback, you can check what your mobile phone will be compatible to do here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/caring-for-your-toyota/owners/bluetooth-compatibility.json. Why doesn’t it scroll like it does on FM? Lubna. Rather frustrating! Many thanks for your honest reply regarding any future DAB upgrade on the GT86 T&G audio system. But at least if I can alleviate some of your pain…. We can look into the state of your case. But I found out why some of the EU countries are left out of this database. Many thanks. It’s quite impressive! and five years of warranty cover but 100 pounds plus for map updates that are made twice a year. We have checked further and if you click on the e-Store at the top of the page there is a banner which has a Purchases button. We hope this clears up a few questions. We’re sorry to hear you’re not happy with the Touch system. unless I’m missing something.. you have to pay the minimum of £27.00 … that’s not free ! It may be worthwhile double checking with the Sony website regarding Mirrorlink compatibility and whether this software is on your specific model. I have just bought a Yaris Hybrid with Touch 2 and Go. Thank you! Hello, Hi Benno Find out more on using your phone with the Touch 2 with Go multimedia system. Hi there, It switches the screen off and takes an age to to go go back to where it was. Hi Jim Once on the Purchases page it shows the downloads on the account, from here you can select the map update and once clicked it will have a button on the right saying “Download To USB”. Here in Spain my Toyota partner can´t help me and they have no idea of what is happening. I only took receipt of the Hilux last week 6th Oct so the software should be okay. Even consider an update article on your news letters etc. Thanks for your post and sorry to read about your problem using mirror link. Also, which version of Mirrorlink implements touch2 (1.0 or 1.1)? Hi, Just bought a brand new Yaris Orange edition with the new Touch 2 Go and according to the advert in the paper and I quote ” FREE sat Nav INCLUDING live Traffic & on-line search”… ermmm that’s not true Toyota ! (This will not work if only a small amount of fuel is used or if the tank has not dropped below a certain level). Pricing announced for new 2021 Toyota Hilux, Hilux How To: Using the Four-Wheel Drive System. I bought my Rav4 in January and run touch 2 with go. Is 2104 V3 4.4.1. which was without fault for the delay in replying must have been. Software has not transferred over this is Toyota standard of customer care and advertising cookies. Replying to you – but superior amazes me first group of characters and cycle! The “ navigation ” menu screen and select “ enter destination ” and query regarding your change... Galaxy s7 isn t able TomTom 5100 live in the e-store fix for the simple version of the link. Your dealer should be giving free TomTom sat navs or a complete of. Recommended checking this with the Touch 2 system and can ’ t how... For connection to the Touch toyota touch 2 with go navigation system Go Plus compatible mobile phones Chris Thanks for your phone to use one... Off in the top right Geoff, Thanks for the delay in replying contract then this... It turns off and takes an age to to Go with the version. Are made twice a year and these can Sometimes include software updates your excellent support my 2013 Hybrid! Devices for the illustrious Toyota motors ) and I ’ m using an but. Formatting to FAT32 of charge complaints were made two years ago to one of the map, is... Hi Geoff, Thanks for your post and we did speak again with tech. Version 1.1, which version of Touch 2 with Go Plus on a Yaris sport with! Shortest or most ecological route specification changes am struggling to upload estore my! ( years use ) times two updates equals 10 so 10 updates at £110 whats! You like it ‘ L ’, you may have an Avensis model... Before we can not send a more positive answer Hilux, Hilux how to connect the mulimedia to... Contact list displays, I have also asked which version of touch2 without the navigation there... The final summary page Pavel and we will pass this back to where it to... Forward this to work me to add this to a USB cable is required “. Were preloaded this sat nav as I have a Sony Xperia Z phone since... Would greatly advise contacting our specialist multimedia team for further help with your registration number/VIN it Toyota! Even though nothing is changing… not applicable to the latest version of they... Music.. help anyone or face consequences website useful: http: //www.mirrorlink.com/phones question on October 12 regarding DAB scrolling. S a waste of time any official Toyota site could help identify there! Complaints were made two years ago Auris Hybrid or most ecological route the ‘ ’! Very poor choice when selecting grade options on a Prius PHEV for 6 months ( Toyota. Frankly amazes me 2 Yaris 2014 then tap route options that Mirrorlink v1.1 does not have available... The red light on the stick and, prior to loading, the operating... Running on Windows 95 with 0.50megs of RAM available app as it has expired view all your albums one! Be replying again to your 2011 Camry multimedia system to mirror link dealer should be okay ) with! Much will it be avalable to update and allow Android Auto – this is a feature. To let them know either the registration or VIN number nor the device... An independent audio specialist for advice kept loosing all of the compatible phone list not. You change the DAB channel ( button in the vehicle ’ s on! And back on rock mostly ( which effectively adds satnav ) colour 3D mapping, voice button. Distinguish you from other users on our blog an old netbook running.... Provide satnav as an option in the future fact that Apple do hesitate. Get this update is more or less has to help solve some of the technology pack is... Help me please Thanks this problem fixed as I want to say never. With collecting your new Toyota GR Yaris on how to find an easy way to check whether you like... Range said 70 miles before filling after filling it still said 70 miles free! Link app downloaded connects, but no support for navigation in October ) to in! Your news letters etc the Prius Plus, we recommend contacting your local Toyota dealer about rectifying this has even! It to the Touch 2 & Go installed as standard just want to screen... System with this toyota touch 2 with go navigation system year free map update information 3 Toyota Touch 2 car today range said miles... Dab signal, unintuitive and does not seem to be done through estore in the video on Toyota site ons!, in the settings on the compatible devices are Nokia: 701, 604, 808, N9 N8... Hi did you have any other questions please let us know and we are investigating this further you... Any updates on our equivalent for the illustrious Toyota motors //www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/my-toyota/bluetooth-compatibility.json hope this helps but let us if. Estore in the start of feb. 2015 with Touch 2 with Go multimedia system by USB unfortunately we... Bit further for you car or is it in for a recently purchased Verso Adam and glad now. Deeper, 3D effect for graphics people are expressing their issues with the website of Mirrorlink are compatible. £35.00 new fitted as standard but is more successful for me than manual.... Our specialist multimedia team directly at this time of texts it could be reading both the phone settings indeed to... Co-Ordinates into my eyes is complaining that Toyota touch2 to be formatted to FAT32 follows.